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Photos from mining trip in June 2011
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Trip Photos June 2011

''Cooper's Place''
A mine/ranch/cabin hideout.
160 acres, private land, $490,000.00
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We'll mine the other planets later.

''A New Look At Old Mines''

by Chris Ralph

Below are a couple of quotes from the above article printed in the April 2011 issue of
the 'International California Miners Journal'.

''Record high precious metals prices have been prominent in virtually all forms of the news media in recent months.  While many folks are looking to accumulate metals for themselves, these price changes are starting to produce a revolution in the precious metals mining industry.  Elevated values are completely turning over the economics of gold mining around the world and creating new opportunities for gold prospectors and precious metals exploration companies.  Gold and silver mining has never been easy, but the significant price increases of the past year have changed the concept of what ores can and cannot be profitably mined.  Geologists and prospectors around the world are now moving quickly to take a new look at old mining properties once thought too low in grade to work as potential new sources of gold and silver.''

''these new prices are creating a rebirth in the mining industry.''

''operations given up long ago as money losers now have the capability to yield handsome returns.''

''Look to regions where gold has been produced in the past and search for locations that may have been drilled previously but given up by the former operators as too small and too low in grade to be worthwhile.''

''While few depsoits of this type are likely still open to claim, there may still be a small number''.

I would recommend reading this entire article
and subscribing to the 'International California Miner's Journal'.
The online address is  www.icmj.com.

I can verify that there are very few mines left
as it takes me hours of research to find a single mine to claim.

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is a serious, scary situation.

I have no faith in the idiots who are in charge
of the world governments and financial institutions.

I don't see anyone out there with a viable solution.*

The effect on gold prices from hyperinflation is pretty amazing.  
Gold stays ahead of hyperinflation kind of like a surfer staying ahead of a wave.  
In fact gold is sometimes propelled way ahead of the wave
as paper money goes up in smoke.  


There are very good articles every month
in the 'International California Miner's Journal'
about the world financial situation.

*  Another great quote from Einstein:
''A problem can not be solved by the consciousness that created it.''

Payments and Terms of Sale
Payment for a claim is due by cashiers check, money order or personal check.  When these funds have cleared I will mail you a copy of the deed and I will send the original to the county to be officially recorded.  After recording they will mail you the original deed.

Funds are not refundable.  Please do not purchase a claim if you are not serious about owning it.

There are no extra fees.  The purchase includes:

The BLM claim fee is paid until September 1, 2011.  Before this date you must send the BLM your annual fee, approximately $140.00 or if you have 10 or fewer mineral claims you can file a small miners waver and pay only $10.00.  You can call the Nevada BLM office at 775-861-6400 if you have any questions about this process.

I will pay the county tax up to the date of the sale,  at this point you will take over the county tax responsibilities.

I will pay all of the recording fees to transfer these claims to you.

0% Financing
I can offer 0% financing on any claim with 1/3 down.  The remainder of the cost can be paid in 5 equal monthly payments, each payment being 20% of the balance due.  For example if you purchased a claim for $24,000.00 then $8000.00 would be due at the signing of a contract and the balance of $16,000.00 would be due in 5 monthly payments of $3200.00 each.  When paid in full I would sign and submit a quit claim deed, giving you title to the claim.  There would be no refunds in the event the terms of the contract were not met.  

What is a Mining or Mineral Claim?
A mineral claim is the sale of the minerals only on a specific property that is owned by the Federal Government.  You do not own the property and the mining activities you can do are subject to the rules and regulations of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the State of Nevada and other Federal Agencies.  

Please Note
The prices of any of my mining claims are subject to change at any time without notice.  

Please do all due diligence before purchasing a mining claim.
There are risks involved with any investment, so please do the correct research before purchasing a claim because there are no refunds.  A mining venture can be a positive addition to your portfolio, but please don't spend your last dollar on a mining claim.

I do not guarantee the amounts and types of minerals that may be present on any mineral claim.  Some of these claims are going to have more minerals than other claims.  

I have placed what I think is a fair price on each claim, based on many factors.  I am interested in locating and selling claims that are reasonably priced.  I am always open to offers.  

General Information About Mining
and High Desert Prospecting

****Please note that the photos below.****
****Were NOT taken on the claims for sale.****

Why do old gold mines close?

There are many reasons but two of the most common are:
1)  At the beginning of WW II President Roosevelt banned all nonessential mining, so mines all over the country had to close.  (Who needs gold when you can print paper money?)  After WW II the economy was much different and most of the mines did not reopen.
2)  It was not economical to mine the gold from the ground.  In the early 1900's the price paid for gold was around $30.00 per ounce.  It is now over $1500.00 per ounce.  This is driving a return to mining all across the West.  Almost all of the old mining sites are now claimed and not for sale.
High Desert Prospecting

is engaged in the business of staking mineral claims, buying and selling mineral claims, buying and selling used mining equipment and assisting you in the successful operation of your claim.  

Please feel free to contact me at any time to answer any questions you may have.  

Bwana Bill,
a new/old prospector.
''Gold is where
the old timers found it.''

I have had the privilege of hanging out with a couple of old time prospectors.  Their skill at reading the ground amazed me.  Yes, you can search all over the mountains looking for a new strike, but the old guys knew where to look.  It is much easier to buy an existing claim than trying to find a claim on your own.  

Bwana Bill means Mr. Bill in Swahili.  I spent 4 years in Africa during the mid 70's running motorcycle safaris.  This included two 10,000 mile, 3 month, trans-African trips across the Sahara Desert, thru Central Africa and the Congo to Kenya in East Africa.  

I bought my first mining claim almost 10 years ago.  I have definitely caught the old gold fever.  Took a couple of aspirins but it didn't help any.  Prospecting appeals to me in many ways.  Nothin better than crawlin around on some desert mountain in low range 4 wheel drive and sleeping under the stars.  

I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and was a machinist with my own metal working shop for over 20 years. I am into designing and building mining equipment.  Below is a trailer I am converting into a self contained mobile placer plant.  

I am also working on a metering device to feed material from buckets into a trommel or highbanker at an even rate.  It will have a storage bin for 6 or 8 buckets of material.  So you will be able to dump several buckets at once and then go back to digging.  This should almost double your output as compared to slowly dumping each bucket to prevent a surge of material thru your system.

I am open to helping you with any questions you may have about mining.  
Feel free to email or call me.  
billrecord@gmail.com .... 775-374-1389

Bwana Bill operating
his Gold Claimer trommel
Yo Angelo,
Send me
a works pie,
hold the anchovies.
Mobile placer plant under construction. When done it will have a grizzly at the rear,
a conveyor up the middle,
two small trommels,
two sand screws,
and a 500 gal water tank.
Bwana Bill
staking some claims
in the winter of 2011
via snowmobile.
This chart says it all.

Gold was under $300 per oz
10 years ago.
Gold is over $1500 per oz now.
That is more than a 5X increase in value.

If your house had a value of $200,000 in 2001, is it worth over $1,000,000 today?


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Bill Record